Helping people through difficult times

We offer administrative support to those that have recently lost a loved one

You've Come To The Right Place

Following the loss of a loved one, we assist with administrative obligations that fall on you.

We help take control of and close down where possible; Bank accounts, Gas and Electricity contracts, mobile phone contracts, TV and streaming subscriptions, ISA transfers, pension claiming, postal redirection etc.

We do not offer financial advice but are able to help and take the pressure of these necessary tasks away from yourself and family members during these trying times.

12 Years Financial Experience

Paul has worked as an Independent Financial Adviser and managed teams for large multinational corporations.

Removing Stress

This time should be about family, not paperwork.

We manage such things as

Utility Bills

We will contact their providers and inform them of the death. We will help wrap up the accounts with you.

Mobile Contracts

We will speak with them and ensure that the contracts are cancelled.

Postal Forwarding

We can help arrange to forwarding of your loved ones post.

ISA & Pensions

While we can not manage the estate, we can initiate contact with any provider, informing them of the death and helping you recover money that should be part of the estate.

TV and Streaming

We will contact your providers and ensure that the contracts are cancelled.


We will draft letters to be sent to HMRC to enquire about any tax rebate that may be owed

Taking the stress away from you

Why Choose Our Firm

Personal Service

We are more than happy to answer your questions and provide clear updates on what we are doing. We will also help guide you through this difficult financial time

Set Fees

We will work with you to ensure that we arrange for these contracts to be settled and closed. Sometimes this can take months. We charge a one off fee that doesn't increase, regardless of how long it takes.

Financial Professional

Unfinity was founded by Paul Lafferty. He has over 12 years experience working in financial services including working with Pensions and ISAs. He's worked for some of the largest companies in the UK so knows how to navigate their red tape following a death.