About us

Our History

Having worked for several large companies including Lloyds, RBS and British Gas, I realised how difficult if was for the average person to deal with big firms following the death of a loved one.  

Then a good friend lost a parent, they spoke with me about how stressful and time consuming it was to sort out all their accounts.  They made so many phone calls and sent so many letters that it really made an already difficult time worse. 

My experience in the financial sector working with ISAs and Pensions and the difficult processes following a death led to me setting up this company.  I can help take away these necessary tasks and allow people to focus on what is really important. 

Our Purpose

We will remove the difficulty of dealing with large firms away from our customers

To act with integrity and compassion to those that have suffered loss

Offer invaluable insight and experience through complicated administrative tasks

To ensure that  our customers can focus on what is important to them